INTERVIEW with the Chairman of the Board of Management

Dr Ing Frank Hiller, Chairman of the Board of Management of DEUTZ AG, on the successes of an eventful 2018 and the Company’s ambitions for 2019.

“We’ve all recognised that it is time for DEUTZ to develop a new corporate culture. I am delighted about the team’s dedication to this transition.”

Dr Ing Frank Hiller, Chairman of the Board of Management

Dr Hiller, the beginning of 2019 marks the start of your third year at DEUTZ AG. What are you most excited about at the moment?

Dr Ing Hiller: DEUTZ never fails to impress me. Our employees have done some truly exceptional work over the past months and years. They have shown a huge amount of commitment and openness as well as incredible flexibility and they have drawn on their strong culture of innovation to drive forward electrification and improve all our other products and services.

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The world is in search of the drive system of tomorrow. Whether all-electric, hybrid or a combustion system using alternative fuels, DEUTZ believes that choice is important and offers each customer the optimum mix of a range of technologies. A new dynamic is well on its way.

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DEUTZ adds value in the many international markets in which it operates. This presents it with a wide range of challenges. As an expert partner, we draw on our considerable experience and strong culture of innovation to meet new market trends and ever stricter emissions legislation, always focusing on our customers’ needs before anything else.

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DEUTZ stands for a pioneering spirit, passion and a culture imbued with innovation. Following these values every day, our employees create outstanding new products and services. We are developing a new corporate culture to bring this new dynamic to life. DEUTZ is now embarking on a process of cultural transformation.

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