Social responsibility

Product responsibility is a cornerstone of our commitment to act as a good corporate citizen.

Product responsibility

As part of its mission, DEUTZ has set itself the target of delivering sustainability for its customers in the form of efficient, high-performance products. Against this background, we developed the E-DEUTZ strategy in 2018 and defined targets. The achievement of targets is monitored regularly and reported to the Board of Management. We also implemented further sustainability measures, which we report on below.

High recycling rate targeted

DEUTZ AG has a target recycling rate of over 97 per cent for its internal combustion engines. Through its Xchange programme, DEUTZ already offers an established system that allows used engines to be returned so that they can be reconditioned in preparation for a second lifecycle. Xchange plays its part in improving sustainability, as having used engines professionally refurbished gives them an extended life. The number of Xchange engines sold increased by 16.6 per cent last year (2018: 7,533 engines, 2017: 6,463 engines).

We are helping to reduce local and global emissions through our E-DEUTZ and gas engine strategy. DEUTZ has set itself the target of generating between 5 and 10 per cent of its revenue from electric drive systems by 2022. As part of our advanced drive system strategy, we are testing and developing a range of alternative fuels that will allow our engines to run on a carbon-neutral and emission-free basis. In addition to electric drives, we are developing engines that use hydrogen and synthetic fuels made using renewable energy sources. Engines in DEUTZ AG’s current product range meet US EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage IV and V, which are the world’s strictest emissions standards. In 2017, DEUTZ became the first engine manufacturer in the world to be awarded an EU Stage V certificate. In 2018, in advance of EU Stage V taking effect on 1 January 2019, we manufactured and delivered the first Stage V engine.

DEUTZ customers can also run their engines on biodiesel, which is almost completely carbon neutral. All engines manufactured in 2018 that meet the EU Stage IV and US Tier 4 emissions standards have been approved for use with biodiesel. And DEUTZ is now taking biodiesel approval into consideration in all new developments and refinements of its drive systems.

Further information on the sustainability of our products can be found under ‘Innovations’ of the ‘Overarching topics’ section.