Corporate social responsibility

Because of the materiality of DEUTZ AG as the executive parent company, there is currently no overarching system that monitors corporate social responsibility in the Group as a whole. Our reporting therefore focuses on corporate social responsibility at DEUTZ AG. The subsidiaries are managed on an individual basis on account of different local circumstances.

Corporate social responsibility is a well-established tradition at DEUTZ AG. As a company with operations around the world, we of course shoulder our responsibilities as a corporate citizen. We have been involved in corporate citizenship projects for many years, not only in our home region in the area around Cologne but also throughout Germany and beyond.

Nurturing enthusiasm for technology

The DEUTZ engine museum, which is open to the public free of charge, displays original machines from the early days of engine technology and documents the important role that DEUTZ played in the motorisation of the world. The museum continues to be popular, with more than 2,000 people visiting it last year.

DEUTZ AG is also involved in discussions with investors and the City of Cologne regarding the preservation of historical features as part of the redevelopment of the former DEUTZ site in the Deutz and Mülheim areas of Cologne. A further highlight is the Motorworld Köln/Rheinland project on the site of the historic Butzweilerhof airbase in the Ossendorf district of Cologne. The role that DEUTZ played in the history of Cologne and the world is prominent in various sections of this brand-new exhibition. The site as a whole is called the Nicolaus August Otto Park, and the large event hall, which can accommodate several thousand people, is called the Four Stroke Hangar.

Playing our part in the community

We support community projects in the region with our ‘DEUTZ fulfils your wish’ Christmas initiative. In 2018, youngsters from Kalker Kindermittagstisch wrote down their wishes on ‘wish notes’ and hung them on the Christmas tree in the foyer at our head office in Cologne-Porz so that DEUTZ AG employees could make their wishes come true.

At the Ulm plant, DEUTZ AG apprentices once again supported a community-based project at Easter. There were collections throughout the plant, and the money was used to fill around 100 baskets with all kinds of Easter treats and vouchers.

Integrating people from disadvantaged backgrounds

DEUTZ AG also puts the principles of good corporate citizenship into practice in the apprenticeships that it runs. The Company continued to work with IN VIA and GWK to support young people and the unemployed (see ‘Treatment of employees’) and launched a number of new initiatives last year.

For example, two Syrian refugees were given introductory training in metalworking and parts manufacturing at DEUTZ AG in Ulm as part of a special programme designed to prepare them for a full apprenticeship.

DEUTZ AG then offered the pair a place on the Company’s industrial mechanic apprenticeship scheme beginning 1 September 2018, which they both accepted.

In addition to its work in vocational training, DEUTZ also supports employees with disabilities. Further information can be found in the ‘Treatment of employees’ section.

DEUTZ choir represents the Company

The company choir regularly creates positive publicity for the DEUTZ name through its concerts and other appearances, which range from performances for staff and customers and local concerts at the Cologne Philharmonic Hall and Cologne-Gürzenich events centre to tours to churches and concert halls in Germany and abroad. The choir also supports good causes. Donations collected from concert-goers were again distributed to a number of charities last year. These included the ‘We help’ charity of the Kölner Stadtanzeiger newspaper and the Kölnische Rundschau newspaper’s ‘Good deeds for the elderly’ charity.

Building bridges between industry and the arts: a highlight of last year, and good publicity for DEUTZ, was the concert tour that visited Italy, Switzerland and Germany. The three major public concerts and the four performances held in the factories of prestigious customers were well received. The patron of the DEUTZ choir is the Chairman of the DEUTZ AG Board of Management, Dr Ing Frank Hiller. This sends a strong signal, both internally and externally, of the choir’s significance for the Company.