Basic principles and objectives of the composition of the Supervisory Board; particulary, conflicts of interest/ Independence of Supervisory Board members and the consideration of woman

At its meeting held on 27 September 2018, the Supervisory Board adopted the profile of skills and expertise required for its members together with the objectives regarding its composition in accordance with articles 5.4.1 (1) and (2), 5.4.2 DCGK. 

Except for the target relating to female representation, which was achieved on the shareholder representative side only after the Supervisory Board election in 2018, the Supervisory Board has continuously met these objectives since 2012. It has even exceeded them in cases such as the international experience available on the Supervisory Board and the number of independent members. The current members of the Supervisory Board are all considered independent within the meaning of article 5.4.2 sentence 2 DCGK. No conflicts of interest between members of the Supervisory Board and DEUTZ AG arose in the year under review.