All DEUTZ shares in free float

DEUTZ shares are held by a broadly diversified range of private and institutional shareholders both in Germany and abroad. Most of the private investors are in Germany. Among the institutional investors, fund management companies in the United States are the biggest shareholders. At the end of 2018, Union Investment (Germany) held 5.1 per cent of our Company, while Norges Bank (Norway) and Dimensional Holdings Inc. (US) each held 5.0 per cent. These are also considered non-controlling shareholdings.

Shareholder structure as at 31 December 2018 1)

DEUTZ-Shareholder_structure 12.9 Not covered by survey 65.8 Other free float % 28.5 Private investors 1) IHS Markit January 2019

Shareholder structure by country (institutional investors) 1)

DEUTZ-Shareholder structure by country 1) IHS Markit January 2019 12.9 United Kingdom and Ireland 17.5 Germany 20.8 Continental Europe (excl. Germany) 48.1 USA and Canada 0.7 Other regions %

DEUTZ share price performance in 2018

DEUTZ-share_price_performance_in_2018 January 2018 December 2018 % 80 70 60 90 100 120 110 SDAX DEUTZ AG DAXsector Industrial