Equity markets fall sharply

The SDAX, in which DEUTZ shares are listed, dropped by 20.0 per cent in 2018 and closed at 9,509 points (end of 2017: 11,887 points). The DAXsector Industrial, which comprises German industrial companies, lost 16.5 per cent in the reporting year to close at 5,621 points (end of 2017: 6,732 points).

DEUTZ shares were also affected by the general downtrend in the year under review. Having begun the year positively by making gains, the share price reached its high for the year of €8.68 on 17 April 2018. However, the shares subsequently lost a lot of ground and reached their lowest level for the year, €5.02, on the penultimate day of trading (27 December 2018). The year-end closing price of €5.15 was 32.1 per cent below the price twelve months earlier of €7.58.

Market capitalisation stood at €622.4 million at the end of 2018, compared with €916.1 million at the end of 2017.